I owe so much of my health and happiness to the work I did with Lyric. Through one-on-one fitness training and his advanced vision of stress reduction Lyric helped my life change drastically and brought new light into my world. I deeply enjoyed my time and experience with him as well as the extraordinary results that came of it. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lyric and am so grateful for having him in my life.
Organization Specialist
I came to Lyric first for physical training, wanting to find better balance to my fitness approach and improve overall wellness. Lyric was very intuitive in his assessment of my needs, and after just a few sessions I was walking with better posture and alignment. I decided to try the Stress Reduction series based on these results. Lyric unites mind and body and conveys how to pause when pausing is hardest to regain that harmony. Having the clarity of inner calm, I realized that I wanted more of his keen--and kind--insights to help me have more complete understanding of what drives unproductive, longstanding behaviors and feelings to make better plans, better choices. The 16-week Personal Integration and Liberation coaching program has a solid formula but is not at all formulaic. It is like choosing your destination--your most fundamental personal goals--but not knowing exactly how to plan the route. With Lyric you have a guide with you to point out obstacles, compassionately help you understand why they are there, quiet your arguments with your "inner backseat drivers," and teach you how to get past the barriers along the road.
President Max Capital


He brings a warm philosophical bend to health and longevity. When he and I first started working together I had such severe pain in my lower back, hip and legs that I could barely walk, let alone train at the levels that I was accustomed. Within 4 weeks, he had relieved the pain and we are now building my core strength so I can continue with my active lifestyle. His energy, understanding and attitude provide me with a true, rational understanding of how the body operates. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone.

Deacon J.

Gosh, I wish I could have had this information earlier!


I had one-on-one training with Lyric for months and it was a great experience. We always did different activities: weights, cardio and etc.. I felt very good about myself and I became more fit. Thank you Lyric!!!

Fitness Professional
(Lyric) is the High Priest of Relaxation!
President - OptimizedResults.com
Lyric is absolutely dedicated to the process of transformation and exploration, and will stay with you through the ups and downs and in-betweens of you becoming your best self.
VP Finances
My congradulations to Lyric. I found his philosophy as reflected in his CD “the Power of Reality” to be awesome. The presentation was easy to listen to, the concepts almost mind blowing. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who needs clarity in their thinking and anyone who wants to improve their method of seeing life and reality as it really is