Integral/ Spiritual Journeys


Journey 1F is Advanced Integral Thinking:


In this program you will:


• Learn what pure-alignment is like

• Get in touch with your deeper structures

• Smooth out, prioritize, and re-program the self for success


For those that have excelled in our programs or have found their own way into evolutionary excellence this Journey is for you. Here we combine all the advanced thoughts you've gained over a lifetime into one fantastic usable system.

Organizing and prioritizing the huge amounts of data and experiences we've encoded over the years can be overwhelming, and often we miss the mark, creating a confusing mass of self-non-understanding instead of a smooth, highly-focused system. In this program you will learn how all that information has chaotically stacked up... and how to stack it back up appropriately.


We will not only order the different source-thoughts of information that you have running inside you, combing out the twists, tangles, and knots in your reality, but we will add just a touch more to the mix to round it out. There are arcane ways in which we all interact with the world that only a detailed survey of our experience can uncover. These show us what subtle spiritual areas we've been missing in life and where we still need to fill in the gaps.


Once we've combined this technique with others that you already have in place you will feel complete, at ease, and at-the-ready for anything in life that might come your way; always being in the warm state of evolution.


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Journey 2F is the Journey of Full Cycle Personal and Spiritual Evolution:



integral journeys

This is the launch-point into complete self-expression.


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