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The New Fitness



After years of watching the fitness industry involve itself with movements that get good results yet often result in either injury or minor increases in dynamic ability we here at Take Giant Steps have developed an exclusive program: 






If a perfect program could be designed for you, if you could have only one program to follow, this would be it.


Spiral Kinetics has its roots in modern physical therapy, eastern healing techniques, and the more esoteric martial arts; increasing physical resistance and intensity until finely sculpted aesthetics and high athleticism have formed.


This means you can rehab an injury, bring yourself to a healthy, rock hard body, and push the upper limits of ability... all with this ONE program.


Most programs do not address you comprehensively. This one gives you the exercises that change you. 

We've taken the best from yoga, weight training, and plyometrics and almost completely re-designed them with 21 century high-performance fitness in mind. This program also has modern life coaching methods woven into, increasing your deep neurological fitness to affect clear thinking, inner states of high performance, and your evolution. We want you to have the ability to do practically anything you want with your self and your body, to perfect your body and mind. This program guides you all the way.  


Kick higher and harder. Dramatically improve any sport (Including golf). Gain the graceful abilities and incredible force of a high performance dancer. Understand what it means to really use your creative body for weight-lifting intensity. Use your mind/body connection in a whole new way.  



Based on the advanced evolutionary systems in Spiral Dynamics®. 


Improve strength, muscle growth, endurance, health, and your evolution.


Get in the shape you were made for™


14 years in the making. The best fitness all in one place.  



Now..... All that I have mentioned is not enough.

I would like you to learn much more. 


Contact us and I'll send you some more information on this new program for you to review, either in a video call or telephone call, to answer your questions and, if this is really what you are ready for, set up your first appointment.


Get the Spiral Kinetic™ handbook that started it all as well: from the book "Wake up Evolved". It gives you the basic tools you'll need to sink your teeth into this advanced program and begin what we call "integration".



And .... Increase your evolution with the neurological advancing exercises in our high performance 2 DVD set. 

Click here to see what its all about at: www.spiralkinetics.com

The DVD's show you the baby steps to acheive your own personal high performance state. 


Contact us today ...and if you become a new client/student we give you a gift just for being you.



"I want to stress... this is a NEW system. Something you have not seen before. It will open your neurology, your mind and body into new ways of moving, looking, and being. We teach you to perfect yourself."

    Lyric H. Ginsberg

   Owner and Creator of Take Giant Steps™ and Spiral Kinetics™ 




Email us on the Contact us page, and lets get evolved!