Public Speaking

I have presentations available regarding all the health and healing, coaching, perfomance, and evolutionary topics listed on this site. My most popular as of late is my EGO talk.... "how it works in you and others and how to create a high performance healthy version for everyone." 


If you're interested in having me speak at your next event, location, or facility on one of these topics or some associated topic please contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Spiral Kinetics: Your Way to Extreme Fitness. Learn the nuances that you won't find anywhere else.... the inner components of fitness that make the whole difference while evolving your outer body in very detailed ways


Dissolve Stress Forever: Find the real roots of stress and pluck them out... for the continual ease, peace, and clarity of your soul


Your Next Relationship Won't Suck: Deep all your personal relationships so they become easier and more fulfilling, while increasing communication and get the results you want in your professional relationships


The Extraordinary World of Neural Rewiring: Refashioning the best parts of the inner you, your habits, and your experience.... To take control of your life!


Evolutionary Eating: Getting past all those diets to allow true inner ways of eating to support your life


Suffering-No-More!: Overcome physical and emotional pain. And learn how to keep it away.


Selling for Smart People: Techniques that create the best experience for your prospects.... So they feel like people, they love your service or product.... And you actually get to keep all of your integrity intact all the way through to a successful sell. 


Strategic tools for advancement and effective leadership: Management techniques for the evolved. Creating the best, most innovative and high functioning team (and becoming a part of it yourself). 


Complete and Accelerate you Evolution: Learning what your evolution is and what your growth channels are... how to maximize them.... and how to keep maximizing them!  


Navigating the Ego: Understand your's and everyone else's so you can live a better life with people.