Personal Journeys

 Journey 1A is a Journey of Liberation:  

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In my Personal coaching program you will:

     • Find the areas where you limit yourself

     • Overcome personal hurdles

     • Find an inner sense of peace and balance

     • Plan and remake your inner self into successful thinking



We all find ourselves unable to align ourselves with reality sometimes. The old habits and patterns we still try to impress the world with today just don't seem to do it anymore. Our life around us doesn't change ...or if it does it creeps along and simply moves way too slow. The days go by and we wonder why time moves on and somehow things in our life don't progress. Whether we fight against it or resign ourselves to it, ultimately things that we want to be different just seem to remain the same. 

In my personal coaching journey you'll learn the secrets of your deep core beliefs, philosophies, and blocks. The platforms you stand on to proudly pontificate that actually hold you back, and the very things that have been lost to you that really are the most important to move you forward.

I'll help you unearth all of your inner players, all your inner voices, and align them so they may each be your ally and contribute daily to your evolutionary perfection. I'll provide you with all this according to your personality style, because we all have different ways of seeing and coping with life. 

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Genius and Mind Mastery are lightly addressed at this level as well. I'll teach you methods of quieting your mind for calm, patience, and peace; then train and optimize your mind's puzzle-like strategies and intelligence for higher functioning and use it to design plans to get what you really desire here in the real world.

Through this multi-week course you'll learn how you are structured internally and how to use that inner structure to your advantage. This program is strongly recommended as a foundational experience that can effectively lead you into and through the rest of our evolutionary programs. 

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