TAKE GIANT STEPS™ - An Evolutionary Overview


Vision The goal of the personal and professional systems at    Take Giant Steps™.... To get off the hamster wheel.     To change completely, permanently, and optimize all of you. For health, wealth, and the best relationships.


We give you a deep
understanding of your  
neurological system so that
changes sink in...so you can gain a quiet mind,
and reform your habits...
So you can enter a high
performance state of life,
acheive your goals  
and determine and enhance your evolution.


At Take Giant Steps™ we have discovered how to access your neurological fitness.... the deep inner system that either propels you forward or can hold you back. We have spent years finding how each thread affects you... how the different parts of your neurology work individually and then how they work in holistic union to accelerate all of your abilities, and as a by-product.... your happiness.  


We call this "Extreme Neurological Fitness™", and we use it in application within all our programs. Our advanced fitness series, stress healing and mastery, and our psycho-strategy programs of success coaching are all founded from this system. They all start from where you are today..... discovering the essence of your individual needs, wants, and abilites... and draw the lines to acheive what you are looking for, staging each level of growth with our comprehensive models, ending in embodiment and fulfillment of your goals. We help change your system for the better. Climbing until you reach the top. 


You have the option of focusing on one area or multiple areas of yourself at the same time, taking advantage of our Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Professional Journeys and Intensives.
If you're brand new to all of this, if you've wandered around a bit in the the self help movement for years, or even if you are well beyond a novice and want to highly refine your skills, it is here you can define the way to evolutionary maturity. With our complimentary breakthrough call, discovery session, and evolutionary assessment™ we will determine your individual needs and how we may help you with them. 

If you are interested and ready to go... then tour our site, services, and products... and add yourself to our list of monthly e-tips by going to the Contact page and signing up.


Schedule your breakthrough call and strategy session today so we may determine if you are a good candidate for our programs and we may then share with you how the lines can be drawn from where you are to where you want to be. Not everyone is ready for our work, and it may not be for you. We'll need to find out.   



Exploring the world of Take Giant Steps™ is like gaining membership into state-of-the-art yoga.  The many limbs of yoga that are both in and far beyond the physical. Deconstructed, revamped, built higher, and applied to 21st century living.  

Come: Raise all your bars higher. Accelerate your neurological growth ... 
and Evolve in giant steps.