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Each of our Journeys is an exploration into a theme of life that requires specific attention for growth and evolution. Once you've chosen the program that means the most to you we take its theme and set you in motion with our neurological "journey-at-home" coaching system. Then you'll enjoy the unfolding adventure while we give you effective anchors to cleave you onto each learning experience.


Choose from the options below and contact us with your first choice. We'll then let you know when your journey begins. 





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Personal Journeys

 Journey 1A is a Journey of Liberation:  

Calf step


In my Personal coaching program you will:

     • Find the areas where you limit yourself

     • Overcome personal hurdles

     • Find an inner sense of peace and balance

     • Plan and remake your inner self into successful thinking



We all find ourselves unable to align ourselves with reality sometimes. The old habits and patterns we still try to impress the world with today just don't seem to do it anymore. Our life around us doesn't change ...or if it does it creeps along and simply moves way too slow. The days go by and we wonder why time moves on and somehow things in our life don't progress. Whether we fight against it or resign ourselves to it, ultimately things that we want to be different just seem to remain the same. 

In my personal coaching journey you'll learn the secrets of your deep core beliefs, philosophies, and blocks. The platforms you stand on to proudly pontificate that actually hold you back, and the very things that have been lost to you that really are the most important to move you forward.

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Social Journeys

 Journey 3A is a Journey into the World of Others:  

 [For Social Dynamics - Journey 3B - see read more below)


social journeys


In this program you will:

  • Learn how you "see" people

  • Get a global view of personalities in general

  • Negate the things that "charge" you 

  • Enhance the things that attract people to you 

  • Determine what having a true relationship is all about



How do you really see other people? As Friends? Frustrations? Threats? Teachers? Superiors? Inferiors? Sex objects? Lovers? Saviors? Do you know what it's like to see through another person's eyes and honestly "feel" their experience for deeper realating?  Come learn how you've viewed others for years and what it means to every single one of your interactions...personal and professional. 


We all want better relationships.  We'd like to get all that we want from them and enhance their overall quality.  But there are distinct mistakes we make when dealing with other people that continually sneak underneath our radar.  They cause us year after year to get almost the same exact results in our interactions, often innocently and incorrectly holding other people responsible for our negative outcomes.

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Professional Journeys/ Executive Coaching

Journey 2A is the Financial Journey:  

[For Strategic Business - Journey 2B - see read more below]

[For Life Coaching - click on "Personal Journeys" in the programs menu]


 In this program you will learn:

Dollar Sign  • Your finiancial limitations and your freedoms

  • To clean up your fiscal house

  • Where your philosophies work (and don't)

  • To create new habits to get you and keep you successful!



If you're having financial troubles the most likely culprit is that you're simply not managing your veiw of money correctly.  The intricacies involved in figuring out a positive financial plan while honoring your present needs, your impulsive desires, and your glorious future goals is a game that is easily played and won...as long as you know what to do.

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Integral/ Spiritual Journeys

Journey 1F is Advanced Integral Thinking:


In this program you will:


• Learn what pure-alignment is like

• Get in touch with your deeper structures

• Smooth out, prioritize, and re-program the self for success

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Stress Healing and Mastery




is Completely Manageable



As our world continues to move at a frantic pace the amount of stress we live with grows in intensity. It slithers up on us without us knowing of its existance, inserts itself, and becomes something that we figure is common and "normal" for our lives. It then sets the stage for our disease, saping our energy, and becomes a permanent discomfort. It not only dramatically affects ourselves but also affects our loved-ones, and their stress even affects us.


Stress Healing and Mastery training is a whole-body experiential training system that is designed to help you control all this..... Your nervous system's response to stress. 


My introductory 3-session Stress Reduction System is designed to help identify the reasons that are behind your inability to be at ease and at peace inside; providing you with skills, directions, and solutions. Then I give you the deep experience of actually being stress-free that you can take with you.



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Taking Micro -Steps


For those of you who want to take things a bit slower, want to take your time to absorb our programs, ideas, and ideals in a more incremental fashion, we offer the Micro-Steps approach.


This one-on-one coaching program is the slower version of all our programs, with no time parameter, unfolding strictly for you or your business at your own pace.


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