Group Classes

Each of our group classes and one-on-ones are designed
to work specifically within complimentary facilities.

Contact us below for more information so we can help you install the class or one-on-ones that will enhance the work you do with your clients, giving them a powerful health and healing experience that will help change their lives for the best.

Dynamic Fitness!

Come experience something new in the physical evolutionary movement! Spiral Kinetic™ fitness is a class that combines state-of-the-art coaching techniques, Dynamic Plyometrics, and many other physical methods of movement to create one perfect movement class... for rehabilitative health, advanced dynamic physical fitness, and total well being.

Each class moves from meditation movement into hard-core physical training.

You will experience methods of stretching, strengthening, balance, core training, sculpting, and much more all in one that you have never experienced before.

And once you gain mastery of this class you may never need another fitness class again.

All levels of fitness, ability, and experience are welcome.

Get ready for something very very new... and join the fitness Thrivolution!

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Functional Stress Reduction

Gain all the benefits from stress reduction in a guided relaxation setting. You will experience all the effects of deep relaxation and "letting go" while learning to turn that busy mind off for a change.

Learn the skills that will finally allow it to stay that way... making room for peace and creativity to bubble up for your health and professional high-performance.

The ease of turning off your busy mind is only moments away! Contact us below.


Have you wanted personal coaching or wanted to enroll in one of our programs but the resources weren't quite available? Are you committed to your evolution but just can't see how you can move forward without a strong financial commitment?
Join our online personal, social, professional, and/or integral Group Coaching courses. Not only will you find our programs more accessible to you and your needs, but you can share the experience with others to make connections for ongoing encouragement and support.
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