Frequently Asked Questions



1- Who uses Take Giant Steps™ (TGS)?

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, business owners, homemakers, those who are working, those who are out of work... anyone who has a genuine interest in evolving their experience of life either in some specific and definite way or in a general holistic way. Simply put - our programs are for creative minds who want health, wellness, and excellence.... and then move beyond these into higher realms of living creatively.



2- What is TGS's basic philosophy?

We believe that everyone not only wants to achieve health, wellness, and success in every arena, but everyone wants to move well beyond them. In order to do this we combine many specific healing and performance modalities to bring you through into higher functioning.



3- What are TGS's program objectives?

Our objectives depend on you. They are a combination of the highly valued desires you bring to the table on day one and what we glean to be your higher states of performance as you move through each of one our programs. Once you are in a program you may find your objectives shift along the way due to a greater understanding of yourself and what is available, so keeping an open mind will be the most important thing to bring to move you forward towards the ever evolving objectives that mean the most.



4- What is the difference between a consultant, a therapist, and a Take Giant Steps' coach?

Consultants provide sober mechanical solutions without much, if any, depth. Therapists help you to get to the bottom of things and reveal why you take the actions you do. TGS coaches have similarities to both of these and then add even more pieces of the puzzle. We partner with you to provide insights, design exercises to reveal and experience, and give you the skills to enhance, so that you may neurologically grow in your focused area of interest. We guide you down your own personal path to discover YOUR special place, purpose, and performance on the planet to nestle into successfully. We help you to focus on the positive while optimizing your shadow sides, and we hold you accountable to the work that we've outlined for you. 

Through TGS coaching you will recognize and learn how to hurdle the barriers that stand between you and what you want your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life to be. And many of our programs are offered using our at-home journey system to keep you that much more involved.



5- How can you offer all this in one place?

Many years of applied research, and a broad-spectrum outlook. It has always been our vision to be comprehensive system-wide. And we only offer what we're optimally capable of doing within our scope of expertise. We do not promise any more than that. That is what our initial breakthrough phone call and discovery session is for; to determine if we can provide the expertise equivalent to level of solution you are looking for.


6- How do you match your coaching to the client to create a good fit?

We do not begin working with a client until we have scheduled their phone call and completed the first ½ hour discovery session. We use this time to get to know you, what brings you to us, what your concerns are, and if we can honestly help to provide you with a strong solution. If we see that you are someone we can help and you chose us to work with, we reveal the complete process, scheduling our first official on-line or in-person meeting. Contact us to find out more information.




7- What is the experience like when going though a TGS's program?

Typically our sessions are thirty to ninety minutes depending on the specific theme of your needs. Each program will reveal and guide you through the most common obstacles on the path to your goal. Each program also reveals and helps you beyond obstacles that are most specific to you. At the very end of each session you will receive some assignment to put your work into action. We will provide email support between coaching sessions when it is appropriate. 

Each program begins and moves from personal exploration and meaningful places ....Into the real world, real situations, and real results.



8- What type of commitment am I required to make?

There are two: The first commitment is to your own growth. We can only work effectively with you if you are ready to commit yourself to your process and your most pending concerns. You may come to us ready with a complete awareness of what your concerns are, what some of them are, or have no idea what they are. Having an open mind and a ready spirit is all that is required to begin the process.

The second commitment is to stay solid within each program until it is complete so that we may achieve our desired goals. Leaving the program or postponing it for long intervals removes almost every major chance of success. Like entering a roller coaster and sitting down... the look on your face is excited ... then the bar descends to your chest and hugs you to the seat. Once you have committed to the beginning of one of our fantastic journies... you are committed to the whole exciting ride all the way to the end. This is one of the ways we acheive success.



9- What happens during a Stress Healing and Mastery session?

Each session contains what we call "scientific mediation" components. You show up in comfortable clothing so that you feel at ease, and then go through a series of advanced mental calming experiences. After these are complete you will experience a series of movement progressions that will allow your body to relax even more. We then teach you to maintain this state. You will feel deeply calm and at ease after each session so it is best that you make sure you do not have to do anything mentally or physically strenuous following them. Be sure you can languish in the lasting effects of the stress reduction experience for many hours afterwards so that the experience lasts even longer and becomes a part of who you are.  



10- What about confidentiality?

The content of any one-on-one coaching session is confidential and not discussed with anyone outside that specific coaching environment, within California and Federal guidelines. 


11- How about consulting projects?

We offer personal and corporate consulting for each arena of our expertise.



12- Do you work with groups and/or in corporate settings?

Yes. Contact us for details about our corporate and group programs.



13- How do I get started?

Sign up now for your Strategy session. We will spend some time to get to know you over the phone, then we will meet you in person. Be as clear as possible about your outcomes and we will let you know if we can help.



14- How much do you charge? What is your fee structure?

Our pricing is specific to each individual and each program. Contact us to discuss details.



15- Do you take credit cards?

Yes. Each program is paid in full at the start and will be purchased through Paypal.



16- What if I'm a coach/professional facilitator and I want to learn more about your programs?

Join our community - the Thrivolution™! Reach out to us on the contact us page and let us know. If you are a practitioner with integrity we have a place for you to share your gifts with the world, or learn ours or become a practitioner in our systems. In the message portion include that you want to join our New Evolutionary Community.