Professional Journeys/ Executive Coaching

Journey 2A is the Financial Journey:  

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 In this program you will learn:

Dollar Sign  • Your finiancial limitations and your freedoms

  • To clean up your fiscal house

  • Where your philosophies work (and don't)

  • To create new habits to get you and keep you successful!



If you're having financial troubles the most likely culprit is that you're simply not managing your veiw of money correctly.  The intricacies involved in figuring out a positive financial plan while honoring your present needs, your impulsive desires, and your glorious future goals is a game that is easily played and long as you know what to do.

Join us down the financial rabbit-hole. On this Journey you'll learn what money means to you and how you unconsciously interact with it.  We'll discover your particular relationship to money, then provide you with the tools that make it easy for you to manage that relationship. You'll find out what practical uses you have for it that enhance immediate desires and your ultimate life goals. Basically.. we'll assign systems to you that you can easily embody so that you'll never have to sweat over managing money again.

Find out what the money experts teach. Do things that make you feel and become a success and give you security. We have multiple models of growth here.  Whether you have many many thousands of dollars in the bank, or a hundred dollars to your name, this journey is designed to give you the skills and practices to employ now, for the rest of your life.

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Journey 2B is Strategic Executive Coaching:



In this program you will:

  • Learn how to clean up your business world

  • Find out where your energy is leaking and plug those holes

  • Gain tools to get more "bucks" for each of your time-investment "bangs"

  • and get more bang for every buck you spend! 


In order to have real success in business, management, and leadership, consciousness around your daily thoughts is imperative.  Understanding why thoughts rise, fall, and what their effect is, is vital to your ability to maintain a razor-sharp focus and deal in the world of negotiations. Your thought/philosophies fit into a broad spectrum universe of philosophies, and we determine how to incorporate others that will accelerate your growth and financial results. This is the cornerstone in Take Giant Steps™ business technology.

In this Journey we'll hone your mind as a focused machine.  We'll remove any extraneous thoughts and unsupportive habits that pull you away from your goals. You'll learn your motivations, your employee's motivations, and your prospects' motivations in a 360 degree view. We'll help you to streamline your business systems, removing any irrelevant actions that pull you and your employees from quality workmanship, to leave you with higher quality and quantity results.  Then we'll set up a growth model to enhance your future and take you up the corporate ladder.

The areas of training here include: Personal Success Programming, Organizational Systems Re-engineering, Conscious Selling and Management, and Personal Accountability Plans.

This is a comprehensive Journey that makes sure to cover all your bases. Whether you're a solo-prenuer, employee looking to move up, or a CEO and Business owner... this Journey will make sure your ducks are in the right rows... for you to simply shoot down one at a time.  


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