Social Journeys

 Journey 3A is a Journey into the World of Others:  

 [For Social Dynamics - Journey 3B - see read more below)


social journeys


In this program you will:

  • Learn how you "see" people

  • Get a global view of personalities in general

  • Negate the things that "charge" you 

  • Enhance the things that attract people to you 

  • Determine what having a true relationship is all about



How do you really see other people? As Friends? Frustrations? Threats? Teachers? Superiors? Inferiors? Sex objects? Lovers? Saviors? Do you know what it's like to see through another person's eyes and honestly "feel" their experience for deeper realating?  Come learn how you've viewed others for years and what it means to every single one of your interactions...personal and professional. 


We all want better relationships.  We'd like to get all that we want from them and enhance their overall quality.  But there are distinct mistakes we make when dealing with other people that continually sneak underneath our radar.  They cause us year after year to get almost the same exact results in our interactions, often innocently and incorrectly holding other people responsible for our negative outcomes.


In this Journey you'll first learn what you're unknowingly doing with others that gives you your "usual" results. You'll get into the foundation and the nitty-gritty of your relationship to lovers, friends, and your social world. Then you'll learn the skills to unravel each of the habitual impulses that tend to sabotage you, leaving you to stand proudly and self-realized in your relationships so that you and everyone lives, achieves and evolves to their highest capacity.


Couples Coaching is available as well and is another specialty of ours. Please inquire if you are are looking for someone to stand between you two, recognize what is happening for you both, and provide a space for caring, communication, clarity, and a healthy redefining of your futures.   


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    Journey 3B is all about Social Dynamics and Networking

                           - Bringing us all together:





     In this program you will:

        • Learn what social butterflys do

        • Learn to get a database of names and addresses

        • Create new habits effective of networking 


We are all working with groups in one way or another.  Whether it's in business or in community circles we function within a greater group dynamic both for pleasure and to get things done.  Not understanding how to function clearly and highly effectively within these circles can leave us out in the cold, and at the very least leave us lacking the graces to make the impressions that will help us to rise within the community and the hierarchies around us.


This Journey will teach you how to negotiate each of these playing fields.  It will show you the invisible rules that unknown to you other individuals in your group work with and how you can join to merge with that group, or stand out to make the distinct impact you want.


Over this multi-week Journey you will learn how the group mentality is contained and protected, how you can move within it to be a great employee, teach your subordinates to be great employees, or how to excel personally and evolve to be a great leader.


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