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Lyric  H. Ginsberg


For over 18 years I have been studying, training, and teaching in the realm of evolutionary maturity and excellence.


"It started out on Long Island, standing out on the rocks. The giant jetty rocks that projected far out from the Beach into the open sea. Surrounded on 3 sides by the deep ocean it seemed like a small island.  As I stood there, the bright summer moon shinning down, a soft wind blowing the warm evening through my hair, I wondered what was next. Since I had deeply experienced consciousness, and knew it for myself, what was I to do with it? What could I do with it? It was at that moment I decided to commit myself to ..."awareness" or "consciousness", not just for myself.... but for as many as possible. I started at that moment and began to see where it could be applied to all aspects of life: body, mind, and self in all its forms.... finding better ways to live, better ways to teach, and better ways to be in excellence....from the most mundane to the most grand... always realistically and holistically. And I realized that this is a huge undertaking."


I first picked up basic fitness, food, and diet management techniques in the late 80's. Then worked my way through veganism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), zen-meditations, cognitive psychology, and hypnosis in the 90's. It was a detailed search for as much information regarding the optimization of the self that I could find.


In 1993 I began successfully seeing clients for emotional issues and high performance transformation while honing interpersonal communication techniques. In 1996 I furthered my work in corporate sales recruiting for Tony Robbins (Robbins Research International), digging even deeper into an advanced version of NLP.  In 1998 I again dove deeper into fitness and became a highly sought after trainer to round out the physical aspect of my vision of excellence.


In 2003 I began management in the same gym, quickly and sustainably doubling business and continuing that trend for many years.


My research jumped again when I began to gain an even deeper understanding of the burgeoning consciousness movement fueled by the writings of Ken Wilber. By becoming an NLP master facilitator, adding multiple massage techniques, brainwave entrainment, behavioral techniques, authentic circle trainings, physical movement mastery and corrective exercise, energetic systems, the creation of Spiral Kinetic™ Movement, intelligence enhancing techniques and more, the ideas wove together into this completed vision that you are now experiencing. It's what I teach my clients.


"I've spent many years perfecting these techniques; dotting each "i" and crossing each "t".
The secrets to each and every success are strewn within the programs listed here, and intentionally made accessible to you"


Lyric H. Ginsberg

Owner and Founder of Take Giant Steps™


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